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Interior Decorating Plans for your Home Bar

The home bar area is where you go to enjoy yourself and also the company of friends and loved ones visiting your home. It’s the place where you can have a quiet drink after a long day, where you can receive people and have a pleasant conversation.

It’s a great addition to your house and if you plan on giving it some constant use, it’s important to have a decorating plan, it’s important to give it a voice, to give it character so that people will be attracted to it as soon as they see it. You want it to be seductive and relaxing!

When thinking about what to do to this particular area you might want to continue the general theme of décor you’ve employed around your whole house, but it’s not terribly important to stick to the same theme.

This can be your chance to try something different, and make different themes coexist in harmony. Because the home bar is a place to have a few drinks, sit down and talk, relax, you’ll want to pick calming colors such as a palette of blues and greens.

When it comes to furniture you’ll definitely want bar stools and boy do you have options! You have, of course, the standard wooden bar stool that are very pragmatic because they will match almost every design style out there, so it will make your job that much easier if you’ve chosen to decorate this space in a different theme than the rest of the house.

You’ll also find fancy stools with upholstery made in different types of leather, and you’ll have the option between those that swivel and stationary stools. Now that’s a choice you’ll have to make having comfort in mind, since you’ll be sharing the space a lot, it’s best to do everything in your power to make people want to stay right where they are and enjoy the space you’ve built.

Accessories for your home bar include music, which means a stereo system. Keep in mind that accessories for this kind of space should be entertaining, and fun. They should be attractive to the eye and they should inspire the mood that you wish to celebrate in this type of space.

Who doesn’t like listening to music while spending some time together? Maybe you can even include a small television set, and it will make a great spot for watching football or hockey games and sharing with friends.

Because the home bar’s main feature are the beverages, you’ll have to include in your decorating plans a cooler or a bar refrigerator to keep everything you need cool and ready to drink.

Many people also decide to install a bar sink which is extremely comfortable and practical, it will save you countless trips from the bar to the kitchen sink. Glassware is also a very important feature, it’s essential to have different sizes and styles of glasses so you can offer variety in your drinks.

Another way of adding an extra touch to your bar is finding interesting bottles or maybe starting a collection of beer cans or shot glasses to display. Coasters and drink removers are also one of the little things you can do to add some character to your home bar.

In lighting you will find many different choices, such as track-lighting and recess lighting to name a couple. Many people prefer recess lighting because it gives the bar a neat and tidy finish, and you’ll have the option of having the lights up for when you have a big, energetic party or dim it down if you just want to create a more relaxing, smooth environment.