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Country Home Decorating

You must have noticed by now that there are as many themes for decorating your home as there are grains of sand at the beach, and choosing among them can be a stressful situation. But I’m here to push you in the right direction if you’ll let me. In home decorating, we have that one of the most popular décor themes is country home decorating.

This may be so because it country home décor aims to bring to life a welcoming atmosphere and an overall friendly feeling in your house. It’s precisely because of its success in providing the warmth that this type of environment suits those visiting as much as those who live in the country.

The first decision to be made regarding this decorating project is where do homeowners want to use this style, and you’ll find that when thinking about employing a specific theme, this is the first question that you’ll need to ask yourself.

Some people prefer to use this theme in their entire house while others prefer to focus on just one or two rooms, like the kitchen and the living room. How much of this theme you will use will depend on your budget, on your skills, or in how many changes you’re comfortable with; either way, country home decorating will look beautiful at any degree you choose to use it.

You should know that this style is better suited for people who enjoy nature and its effortless beauty, its simplicity, so it’s because of this that some people really enjoy employing this theme in their living space.

This decoration style takes bright colors like light to medium shades of white, yellow, pink, green or brown, and combines them with country furniture and accessories. Colors are meant to reflect a rustic vibe, and some people may decide to use stencils with flowers, plants, fruits or vegetables. It really depends on what you like.

Wallpaper borders are also used in country home decorating; just remember that the patterns should never clash. Whatever it is that you choose to do; it must have balance and harmony.

Natural wood is a key element in following the rustic, simple theme, which is perfect for a country floor. But we know using natural wood on a large area can get quite expensive, so a nice alternative would be to use a light shade of carpet or laminate flooring to give the floors of your house that country look without spending too much money.

Flagstone or tile are also good alternatives, some people have even used floors with stencils to create patterns. This is where imagination really comes to play! Another way to spruce up space is to use are rugs, whether they’re hooked, quilted or braided, they make gorgeous additions to that country floor you’re looking to achieve.

The type of furniture that will compliment your country home decorating involves either light wood or wicker; furniture made out of these particular materials reflects nature’s beauty which is one of the goals of a country home style. Cushions and slip covers can be used to highlight the furniture along with floral patterns and checkered fabrics; and they also add to the coziness of your living space as they invite you to sit down and relax, much like nature.

If you’ve been doing some research into home decoration, you’ll have noticed by now that accessorizing is a very useful tool to add beauty and details to a room. You need to keep in mind the type of atmosphere you want to accomplish when you’re out shopping for accessories.

As I’ve already mentioned, simplicity is essential in country home decorating, so remember not to use too much of anything and just choose accessories you enjoy. Photos in wooden frames, mirrors, plants and scented candles really add to your spaces. Window treatments are also a simple way of accessorizing; lace or shutters give out a cozy country vibe.

Too many decorations take space from a room, it can look cluttered and that goes against what country home decorating aims at, which is a relaxing, friendly, warm, cozy environment.