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Tips On Home Decoration for the Basement

Basements are usually horribly neglected, and they’re usually the beginning of many horror stories, but this shouldn’t be the case in your home because it’s a space that has potential to go from just functional to fabulous.

It’s actually a great way to expand the space of your home; you can take a room where you put all of the things you don’t want to look at and make it a welcoming space, just one more room in the house, not just some forgotten, wasted space.

To make this happen, some basements will need a little more than minor home decorating skills while others will just need a little color and a whole bunch of style; either way, it can be done!

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about basements is just how dark and scary they can be, this is because most of them lack windows which leaves out the light. But believe it or not, this can work for your benefit if you decide to turn your basement into a wonderful media area.

Think about it, it’s the perfect place for a full media room with surround sound and theater style seating. To make this happen you’ll want some dark colored walls, floor, and ceiling, a large television screen, comfortable seats and plenty of tables to place all your snacks and beverages.

Another thing you can do is turn it into an artist or music studio, if you or someone in your family has such skills this will be an amazing surprise. Basements can be divided into smaller rooms, which will be particularly useful for musicians since you could soundproof it so that no one bothers anyone upstairs or the neighbors.

A room like this can be easily decorated with a comfortable place to sit, music notes on the walls, and the instruments that are so beautiful and decorative on their own. In case you’re turning it into an art studio you’ll need art supplies, a wash basin, some comfortable seating and installing some flattering lightning as well.

The basement can also be turned into a quiet, removed workspace. You’ll only need to install the proper lightning, and once that’s taken care of you can move on to adding some filing cabinets, a nice desk, a comfortable chair, photos or maybe paintings.

You can have a stereo too if you find that music helps you work. It’s going to be the space where you spend most of your productive time, so you’ll have to make sure you absolutely love it and are comfortable there.

You need to keep in mind that many basements have a tendency towards humidity, especially after heavy rains, so don’t forget this fact when you’re decorating. Dehumidifiers can be miracle workers for this problem.

This is something you absolutely cannot neglect, because it will eventually ruin all of your hard work, so you need to make sure that your work can stand the harshness.

You’ll want to avoid mold and mildew, so you might want to consider cork and ceramic tile as your flooring choices. Also, don’t forget to install some moisture barriers before finishing your basement for that extra resistance!