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Home Decorating for Spring

Rebirth is Spring’s theme. It’s the time of the year when people begin coming out of hibernation and start shaking off the final remains of winter, windows start opening again and you can leave the house in lighter clothes again.

Many people associate this time of the year with cleaning, not so much with decorating, and actually, there are very few times when decorating is more appropriate. I mean, you and I both know this is the time of the year we actually enjoy cleaning.

In the summer we’re constantly cleaning the house, the kids are always tracking mud, grass, dirt, and who can possibly know what else. This makes cleaning a chore and yet we still have the energy to take out our patriotic colors and celebrate in our very best American style. No matter how busy we may be cleaning and consuming great amounts of lemonade, we never miss decorating and taking the effort to brighten up our homes.

During winter and thanksgiving we clean because we have no choice, our entire circle of friends and family will be over and they expect our homes to be impeccably beautiful, and we also take pleasure in this being so. Achieving this is quite an accomplishment because we all know how the rush of the holidays can be hard to handle.

So, Spring seems to be the time of the year where cleaning is inspired. Yes, inspired, but this inspiration may run short when it comes to home decorations. If this is the case, these following ideas are meant to lend a helping hand:

  • Flowers: nothing says Spring more than flowers. They bloom all around us and fill our air. Command nature and use them, fresh cut flowers and candles can be used to create harmonious and beautifully delicate arrangements and centerpieces to place around the house.
  • Candles: yes, they deserve their own spot. Candles are soothing, relaxing, invigorating, welcoming, elegant, and they also smell great. They’re useful for any time of the year, really, and if you choose bright spring colors and fragrances they will go along nicely with the environment.
  • Towels: you might take them for granted, but they make a subtle little decoration. You’ll want bold colors once again, in our kitchen and your bathrooms. Simple touches like this can boost up your attitude about cleaning, decorating, and also cooking.
  • Fragrance: most people don’t realize fragrances are actually a form of home decoration, but they delight our noses, and they make us feel at home as soon as we walk in and we recognize the smell we have chosen for our house to have
  • Put out bowls of potpourri, fragrance bowls, dried fruits, etc. It’s an inexpensive way to light up your home and make our nose happy. You can even make it yourself!
  • Fruit have bowls of fresh seasonal fruit around the house. This adds, even more, fragrance to your home, it’s also pleasing to the eye, and edible on top of that. Just make sure they’re eaten before they get too ripe!

I hope this was useful to you and you leave this post inspired to try these things, mix them up and see what works best for your home.